Yardley Harvest Day

Business Vendors

Yardley Harvest Day
Business Levels

Attend one of the biggest crafting festivals in Bucks County with your business by becoming a business vendor! If your company sells services or manufactured products and would like to vend at Yardley Harvest Day 2023, download an application today!

Business Sponsors are an important part of Yardley Harvest Day. Financial contributions help fund some of the day’s activities and help pay for some expenses, such as the sound system for the entertainment, comfort stations, etc. Their generosity also allows the Yardley Harvest Day Committee to make donations to local organizations and groups aiming to make Yardley a beautiful place to live and work.

Please do not submit an application without checking that your preferred level is still available by contacting yardleyharvestdayfestival@gmail.com.

Official Yardley Harvest Day 2023 Sponsors

Thank you to all those who have officially committed to support this year’s Yardley Harvest Day! This list will be updated as we finalize sponsorship positions.