Yardley Harvest Day


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where Can I Park?
    There is no parking available in Fitzgerald Field or the Fitzgerald-Sommer Funeral Home lot during Harvest Day. However, there are parking spots located throughout Yardley Borough.
    Several hundred parking spots can be found during the day only in the Tannery Building lot at 19 W. College Ave, the Buttonwood Park public lot on Buttonwood Drive, the Leedom Square public lot on S Canal Street (across from Canal Street Grille), and the Yardleyville Square lot at 90 West Afton Ave.

    On-Street Parking is Available on the Following Streets:

    – Longshore Ave, Pennsylvania Ave, West College Ave, and South Main Street. DO NOT BLOCK RESIDENTS’ DRIVEWAYS – YOU WILL BE TICKETED.
    – Macclesfield Park on River Road has a large lot and is approximately a 4-block walk from the festival via the Delaware Canal Towpath. E College Ave has a pedestrian ramp to the towpath. The Macclesfield walkway to the towpath is behind the 50/70 baseball field.
    – The PECO grass lot at Fuld Ave is a 5-block walk from the festival via the Delaware Canal towpath.
  • Where Are The Food Trucks Located?
    The food trucks can be found in two locations this year – Canal Street and the center of Fitzgerald Field on S Bell Ave.
  • Where Can I Find The Magician And Petting Zoo?
    Both are located on the street at the end of S Bell Ave. Please see the large map stands at the intersections of S Bell and E College Aves and S Canal and E College Aves.
  • Where Can I Find The Bookmobile, Henna Tattoo, and Tarot Card Reader?
    The bookmobile will be at the end of S Bell Ave. The free Henna tattoo and free Tarot card reader will be in the field near the bounce house.
  • Who Qualifies As A Crafter?
    A crafter or artisan is someone who makes items by hand. This can include, but not limited to, woodworking, painting, knitting/sewing, jewelry, bottled food, art, etc… If you are questioning whether you qualify as a crafter, please visit our “Crafters” page or contact YardleyHarvestDayFest@gmail.com. *A good rule of thumb is if you have registered as an LLC, CO, INC, etc. and/or have employees you are considered a business. We also don’t consider franchise operators such as Avon, Colorcraft, etc. as crafters.
  • Can I Charge For A Service as a Crafter/Business During the Event? Ex: Face Painting, Caricatures, Hair/Makeup, etc.
    NO. This is strictly against all Yardley Harvest Day contracts and you will be asked to leave immediately as well as be barred from tabling in the future. Your items should be made prior to event day.
  • Can I Promote A Company As A Crafter?
    NO. This is against our crafter’s contract and you will be asked to leave if found promoting a business as a crafter among other consequences if applicable.
  • Who Qualifies As A Business Vendor?
    Selling a service or manufactured/wholesale product is considered a business, this includes small, midsize, and large companies. If you have questions about becoming a business vendor, please contact YardleyHarvestDayFestival@gmail.com
  • Can I Get Money Off If I Don’t Need/Want Certain Benefits?
    No. We do not offer modifications to our contracts.
  • Is Electricity or Water Available?
    No, however, it may be possible to purchase power or a water line from a nearby resident. The Harvest Day Committee plays no role in these deals.
  • Are Dogs Allowed?
    Yes! We’d love for your pets to come! Please ensure dogs are leashed and follow borough regulations.
  • I tried to register for Yardley Harvest Day but got rejected. Why?
    The Yardley Harvest Day Committee each year grants renewal rights to prior year participants. A large majority of crafters choose to come back, which limits the number of available spaces. The inventory of spaces also is impacted by Borough regulations, the loss of use of some private property, and the number of food trucks. We also put a cap on the number of crafters in popular categories such woodworking, tumblers, soaps, candles, baked goods, etc.
  • Who manages Yardley Harvest Day?
    The Yardley Harvest Day Committee runs the festival. We can be reached at 267-573-1463 or YardleyHarvestDayFest@gmail.com
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