Yardley Harvest Day

Non-Profit Organizations

Each year, we carefully select local non-profit organizations that align with our mission of supporting Yardley, PA. Our beneficiaries are the backbone of our event and our community, and we are proud to support them in their efforts to make a positive impact. Without their hard work and dedication to our community, Yardley Harvest Day would not be the success that it is today.

Interested in becoming a Non-Profit vendor? Contact us!: yardleyharvestdayfest@gmail.com

Chosen beneficiaries have the opportunity to connect with members of the community by vending on event day as well as receive a portion of the funds raised at Yardley Harvest Day. We are honored to work alongside such incredible non-profit organizations and individuals who are making a difference in Yardley. We hope that you will join us in celebrating our beneficiaries and supporting their at Yardley Harvest Day!


Yardley Farmers Market
Yardley Farmers Market is a Saturday morning market located in Buttonwood Park, in beautiful Yardley Borough, Bucks County, PA. The market was founded in the spring of 2015 by two friends who had a passion for fresh, local food and wanted to bring a great mix of vendors to their little town. The market offers a great mix of vendors, providing customers with the opportunity to shop for home products locally. The market has grown to become a year-round event with an indoor winter market held at the historic Yardley Friends Meeting at 65 North Main St.
Learn More: https://www.yardleyfarmersmarket.com/

Pennsbury Scholarship Foundation
The Pennsbury Scholarship Foundation is committed to helping graduates of Pennsbury High School pay for their post-secondary education. Since our founding in 1956, the PSF has awarded approximately $3.7 million to more than 1,900 students.
Learn More: https://www.pennsburysd.org/domain/466

Friends of Lake Afton
Every year, with the help of volunteers, we have a Clean-Up/Volunteer Day in the spring to improve the landscaping in time for the increased activity at the Lake in the warmer months.  Between April and October, we hold three Boat Ride FUNdraisers that many people come back to year after year.  At the end of summer, Lake Afton gets another spruce-up. FOLA proactively performs maintenance of the Lake’s infrastructure to ensure the Lake remains healthy.  FOLA works with and values a positive relationship with Yardley Borough and LMT Environmental Advisory Committees.  We follow the recommendations of the Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed. 
Learn More: https://www.lakeafton.org/

Yardley Makefield Emergency Units
The mission and purpose of The Yardley Makefield Emergency Unit is to provide quality ambulance service to our community and to promote health and safety awareness within it. Please help us be there to answer your call when someone is in trouble. The cost of Emergency Professional, associated with the maintenance of our ambulances, first aid supplies, medical equipment purchases, and the training of our personnel continues to rise. However, we will not give up nor will we miss a single day responding to calls in our community.
Learn More: https://www.ymeu.org/

Friends of Delaware Canal
The Friends of the Delaware Canal is an independent, non-profit organization working to restore, preserve and improve the Delaware Canal and its surroundings. Our primary goals are to ensure that: the Canal is fully watered from Easton to Bristol and the towpath trail is usable over its entire length. We embrace this mission in order to sustain a unique link to our heritage, protect beautiful and diverse natural areas, provide educational and recreational opportunities, and enable the Canal to serve as a community and economic asset.
Learn More: https://www.fodc.org/

Experience Yardley
Experience Yardley is all about creating and facilitating community events and placemaking projects that show off Yardley’s charm, great downtown, and natural assets. Creativity and authentic arts and culture are integrated into everything Experience Yardley does.By promoting our community to residents, workers, visitors, and potential businesses, Experience Yardley strives to improve the quality of life and commerce in our small town of only one square mile. Experience Yardley is made possible thanks to countless volunteers, dedicated Board members, partnerships, grants, sponsorships, and individual contributions.  It is a non-profit organization. Whether you’re in town for a night or a lifetime, there are always unique and exciting things to experience in Yardley.
Learn More: https://experienceyardley.com/

Gather Place
Learn about Bucks County and Historic Yardley at Gather Place Museum, a non-profit organization headquartered at The “old” African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church. Visit our permanent exhibit, see our periodic exhibits and activities including a more inclusive review of the women’s suffrage movement, and their beginnings with the Anti-slavery movement. Gather Place Museum is supported by documents, photos, filmed documentaries, first person history lessons, and historical reenactments! Bucks County’s history and beyond, told in the tradition of the West African Griots storytellers – All in a creative, educational, yet entertaining method. 
Learn More: https://gatherplace.org/

Yardley Harvest Day Historical Association
The Historical Association with headquarters in the Old Library by Lake Afton, maintains a collection of primary and secondary materials, including maps, photographs, newspapers, letters, deeds, and ephemera, related to the Yardley area. The Yardley Historical Association sponsors a variety of educational programs. Local history and special interest topics are featured at general membership meetings. Seasonal events take place in June and December. The public is invited to all general meetings and special programs. The Association also conducts tours of historic Yardley and provides speakers for school and community groups.
Learn More: https://yardleyhistory.org/

Sam Lebrecque: 6 Year Volunteer
Jamie Gallagher: 6 Year Volunteer
Harry Wayne: 8 Year Volunteer