Yardley Harvest Day

Yardley Harvest Day

September 18, 2021 ● 10am - 5pm

Help Us Celebrate the 53rd Annual Yardley Harvest Day!

The Yardley Harvest Day Committee welcomes you to join us for the 53rd annual Yardley Harvest Day! Yardley Borough is an idyllic setting for this community gathering filled with artists, crafters, great food, historical and educational tours, local and civic groups and businesses. We are dedicated to providing you with a quality venue and a well-attended family friendly event. What once began as a small local Yardley event has now become one of THE largest events of the year!


The Yardley Harvest Day Committee would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all the sponsors, crafters, entertainers, food vendors and visitors. Without the support, Yardley Harvest Day would not be the one of THE local events to attend. We hope you and your family had a fun & festive time & hope to see everyone back next year!