2019 Crafters

 The Yardley Harvest Day Committee welcomes you to join us for the 52nd annual Yardley Harvest Day! Yardley Borough is an idyllic setting for this community gathering filled with artists, crafters, great food, historical and educational tours, local and civic groups and businesses. We are dedicated to providing you with a quality venue and a well-attended family friendly event.

An important element of the success of  Yardley Harvest Day has always been the crafters and this year is no different.  The event draws between 10,000 – 15,000 people and scenic Yardley Borough is the perfect setting for crafters to display and sell their products.

All crafters will be set up on paved streets, with easy in and easy out access. The fee for a 10′ x 10′ space is $100.00 through the day of the event.  Food vendors are also welcome as the crowd attending the event is always looking for good things to eat throughout the day.  The cost of a space varies, depending upon booth size and ranges from $250.00 for a 12′ x 12′ space to $500.00 for a space larger than 12′ x 24′.

Business sponsorships are also available.  The large crowds and location of the event, make it a great opportunity to promote your business, as well as help support the event.  There are a variety of sponsorships available.

Activity Schedule and Map

2019 Exhibitor Application

 Deadline is September 6th; please e-mail me at yardleyharvestday1@gmail.com

The 2019 Crafters list will be continually be updated once sign-ups begin. 

Interested in finding out more about a specific crafter? Click their name to be directed to their social media!

Yardley Harvest Day 2019 Crafter’s List

🎃 Michael W. Heayn, Photographer

🎃 Jewlery Xpressions by Patricia Shelp

🎃 Marjorie Epp

🎃 Passionately Natural Soap Co.

🎃 RoseyKnits

🎃 Chalking With the Girls

🎃 J&B’s Jewlery Designs

🎃 Pysanky by Basia

🎃 Jabberwocky Laser Design

🎃 Moonlight Embriodery & Sewing

🎃 Fallsington Antique & Craft Shop

🎃 Brownie’s Woodcrafts

🎃 L&L Stained Glass

🎃 This Urban Cottage

🎃 Creative Crafts by J&J

🎃 Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce

🎃 Jac & Jo Designs

🎃 Stained Glass Garden – NJ

🎃 Handcrafted by Steve

🎃 Children’s Christmas Book: A Gift of Love

🎃 Hands of Time by Judi

🎃 Blind Spot Nut Butters

🎃 Joni Londo Handmade Greeting Cards

🎃 The Whimsy Menagerie

🎃 Nuthatch Weaving

🎃 Gladiola Jewlery

🎃 Crafts by Susan

🎃 Karch Creations

🎃 Lovingly Made for You

🎃 Gourmet Creations

🎃 Manillo Handmade Natural Soap

🎃 Rocky’s Hot Sauce

🎃 K.Y.M. Designs LLC

🎃 Glitzy Girl Boutique/GG Wood Designs

🎃 OverseaCreations

🎃 Audrey Hunn Designs

🎃 Flying Dutchman Foundation

🎃 Nanna’s Secret

🎃 Envelopes by Elisa

🎃 JWSilluminations

🎃 Julia Beauty Decor

🎃 Paul’s Sports Collectibles

🎃 Handsewn Treasure

🎃  From the Ground Up

🎃 Bundle your Bambino

🎃  Emiliano Vazquez Photography

🎃 RightEats

🎃  Nature Photography & Art

🎃  Creating Life in Color

🎃 Little House Candles

🎃 Buttons, Bangles & Beads

🎃 Handcrafted Unlimited by Beverly

🎃 Better Half Artistic Design

🎃 Bucks County Expressions

🎃 Sweet Tooth Desserts

🎃 Finesse Woodworking

🎃 Elizabeth Grace Creations

🎃 Brendan’s Rustic Handcrafts

🎃 Spoon Sisters

🎃 Silk Wreaths & Floral Arrangements by Dolores

🎃 Petsgraphique

🎃 Jodi Cachia

🎃 Bucks County Cookie Co.

🎃 Libellule Candle

🎃 Perceiving Light

🎃 Hometown Kreations

🎃 Groovy Recreations

🎃 The Bubbly Goat

🎃 Clothing & Baked Products by Awilda

🎃 Home Decor by Jennifer

🎃 Dingbats & Doodles

🎃 Holidays Lane

🎃 Mickey’s Crafts & More

🎃 Carol’s Pizzelles

🎃 Inspire Light Candle Co.

🎃 Jan Rocks

🎃 Pretty Nerdy Crafts

🎃 Fine Art & Watercolor by Joanna

🎃 Different Grain Woodworking

🎃 That’s Crafttastic

🎃 Sam Made by Sam B

🎃 Marie’s Soap Company

🎃 Kiddicopia

🎃 Cheeky Rose Design Company

🎃 Saylor James Bows

🎃 Creations in Silver & Stone

🎃 Crixy’s World

🎃 Yarned and Dangerous

🎃 Mbeads and Baubles

🎃 Contemporary Headwear

🎃 Red Hill Design

🎃 Brush & Needle

🎃 Can’t Contain Myself

🎃 The Dog Bone Guy

🎃 The Feel Better Seeded Pad

🎃 Sew Cute Doll Clothing

🎃 Wear Your Passion

🎃 Witching Hour Treats LLC

🎃 Nativewest Designs

🎃 The Market at Styer Orchard

🎃 Riverside Home Brew Club

🎃 Candles from Heaven & Primitive Decor

🎃 A Taste of Artistry’s Paint Studio

🎃 Chris Rogahn: Art Glass and Metal Sculpture